Dos and Don'ts for Hurricane Season

Dos and Don'ts for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is a dangerous time for people living along the coast. Here are some precautions you should take during a hurricane.

1. Monitor Weather Updates: Stay informed of the latest weather reports and track any changes in the storm's track. Do a good job of evacuation, material storage and electricity storage at any time, so that your life will not be affected by bad weather

2. Evacuate if necessary: If the local government advises you to evacuate, please evacuate immediately. Follow evacuation routes and only take essential items. The TIEXEI D600 is convenient and safe, and its large capacity can fully meet the power demand during evacuation, so as to avoid the immediate rescue due to insufficient power. You get the first aid needs.

3. Secure your home: Before leaving your home, make sure all doors and windows are securely fastened. Turn off electricity and gas connections, and store outdoor furniture and equipment indoors.

4. Stockpile: Have enough food, water, and emergency supplies ready in case of a power outage or flood for at least 72 hours. And the large-capacity TIEXEI D600 can meet the household electricity demand for the next week, ensuring that you can safely get through the difficult moments

5. Stay indoors: If you are not evacuated, stay indoors during a storm. Do not go out unless it is an emergency. Please use TIEXEI D600 to give yourself full power and safety

6. Have a communication plan: Have a designated person to contact in an emergency. Keep your phone charged and connected with your loved ones. And TIEXEI D600 ensures that you have sufficient power anytime, anywhere.

By following these precautions, you can reduce your hurricane-related risks. Stay safe and get ready! TIEXEI D600 is always with you, escorting your safety
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